That’s My Child (TMC) was founded in 2012 by Charles Lee to mentor youth through arts, education and work-force development ending hopelessness and generational poverty. 

We are developing the talent and skills of our students which are necessary to become leaders in our community. TMC offers the following programs, free of charge, to local teens ages 13-18:

That’s My Dog, Jr. - America’s first teen operated restaurant providing employment opportunities for local teens

Teen to Work Program - a job readiness program that prepares local  teens for the workforce while connecting them to potential employers

Gents to Gentlemen - a mentoring program for young men that builds confidence, improves academic performance and teaches leadership skills for success

TMC Cheetahs Dance Team - a movement based art program for young women that encourages self-confidence, improves academic performance and teaches leadership skills for success 

Donate to support our work and learn more at www.thatsmychildmgm.org

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